Finding the Right Solution for Your Laboratory: A Comprehensive Guide to Trace Elemental Analysis Instrumentation - Part I (ICP-OES & AAS)

Jun 06, 2017

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Trace elemental analysis covers a range of applications that have vastly differing analytical requirements, and there are therefore a large number of instruments available on the market.  Knowing which instrument is the most appropriate tool for your analysis depends on the specific analytical challenges your laboratory faces on a day-to-day basis. This webcast series will provide you with the knowledge needed to choose the right tool for your laboratory.

This part of the webcast series focuses on applications requiring high matrix tolerance or requiring detection limits in the high to low ppb range. These applications are typically run on inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) or atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) instruments.

Attend this webcast to learn more about the available technology, and how they can address specific problems in trace elemental analysis. 

Sanja Asendorf (Part I), Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nora Bartsch (Part I), Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr. Jianfeng Cui (Part I), Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Time and date: On demand available until June 6, 2018

Sponsor: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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