Holding Data to Higher Standard: A Guide to Data Accuracy and Reducing Error & Contamination

May 08, 2018

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Testing, manufacturing, and research laboratories face more challenges and regulations than ever before. Every analytical laboratory faces challenges whether in a well-established and time-tested industry such as environmental testing or a newly-minted industry such as cannabis testing. Regulatory agencies increase their requirements and accreditation bodies issue increasing complex guidelines that must be followed. A lot of time, effort, and money are invested in keeping up with certifications while deciphering the data. This presentation will look at the most common challenges in analytical laboratories from accreditation questions to the determination of accurate data and reduction of sources of contamination and error. We will examine the range of challenges to the older, more established environmental testing field compared to the current challenges in the new cannabis testing field.



Susan Audino, A2LA Auditor & President, Audino Associates

Patricia Atkins, Sr Applications Scientist, SPEX CertiPrep


Date and Time:

Live: Monday, 8 May, 2018 at 11 am EDT | 8 am PDT | 1600 BST | 1700 CEST

After the final airing of the webcast on 8 May, 2018 it will be available on demand until 8 May, 2019. 

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Register Free: http://www.chromatographyonline.com/lcgc_w/guide     

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