How to Achieve Valid Results First Time, Every Time with ICP Techniques

Jun 27, 2017

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All labs running ICP techniques face productivity issues related to quality control (QC) procedures.  This webinar will cover the basics of the general QC requirements for valid ICP methods, including causes of common problems such as:

  • Calibration issues
  • QC failures
  • Over-range samples
  • Internal standard issues
  • Problematic sample matrices

The webinar will go on to introduce an integrated autodilution solution that, by complete integration with the ICP-OES or MS software, helps the analyst solve many of these common problems, leading to valid results, first time and every time. The approach will be described and application examples will be presented in areas such as environmental analysis (US EPA methods 200.7 and 200.8) and USP 232/233 methods.



Niel Williams, PhD, Technical Specialist, Teledyne CETAC Technologies

Bill Spence, VP Sales and Tactical Marketing, Teledyne CETAC Technologies


Date and Time: On demand available until June 27, 2018

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