IR Spectral Interpretation Workshop, Quiz 6

This quiz is a regular feature of the “IR Spectral Interpretation Workshop” column. In each installment, we present a quiz. The answers appear in the subsequent installment. (For previous quiz questions and answers, click here.)

What we teach in each installment should help you answer the quiz questions. 

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Quiz 6:

This quiz is a two-parter. Because some of you may be new to the naming of substituted benzene rings, some practice is in order. Using what you learned so far, give the substitution pattern and attempt to name each of the “molecules” seen in Figure 1 below. In the bottom of the figure there is a “chemical reaction”—try to name it if you can. (Hint: don’t take this problem too seriously.)

The second and more serious part of this quiz is to finalize the identification of the molecule in the last problem. Its spectrum is shown below in Figure 2 and its peaks are assigned in the table. You now know everything you need to know to discern the complete chemical structure of this molecule. The answer will appear in the July 2016 issue.

Figure 1: Name the “molecules” and “chemical reaction” in this figure.


Figure 2: The problem spectrum from March 2016, the IR spectrum of a liquid.



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