IR Spectral Interpretation Workshop, Quiz 9

This quiz is a regular feature of the “IR Spectral Interpretation Workshop” column. In each installment, we present a quiz. The answers appear in the subsequent installment. (For previous quiz questions and answers, click here.)

What we teach in each installment should help you answer the quiz questions. 

Good luck and happy interpreting!

Quiz 9

The infrared spectrum for your next interpretation exercise is shown in the figure below. Using the information provided here and what you have learned from previous columns, try to determine the complete chemical structure of this pure compound. At minimum try to determine whether this is an alcohol, and if it is, what type it is. Here's a hint: Assume the 2965 and 2938 peaks are the same size. They might not appear so due to a plotting error.


The IR spectrum of a liquid. Sampling method: capillary thin film.


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