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TSK-GEL ODS-100V and TSK-GEL ODS-100Z columns are the best general purpose reversed phase columns and are suitable for the most demanding separations in quality control as well as in research and development.
In HPLC Column Fundamentals, Richard Henry discusses the key terms and concepts governed by the Resolution Equation, as applied to the practice of HPLC.
When C18 does not work? Richard Henry explores theoretical and practical considerations for The Use of Alternate (Orthogonal) Selectivity in Reversed-phase HPLC.
Introduction to Ascentis™ HPLC Columns provides an overview of the highly retentive, high-performance Ascentis column line from Supelco, designed for the separation of small molecules.
Chad Ostrander, Ph.D. of Hitachi High Technologies America discusses HighTthroughput Electron Capture Dissociation.
David Sparkman, a consultant to the National Institute of Standards & Technology discusses DART and DESI the two new ionization sample techniques that are revolutionizing Mass Spectrometry.
New technologies ready for prime time? Michael Balogh principal scientist with the Waters Corporation discusses how new technologies are playing out in labs today.
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