Special Issues June 2016

June 2016 | Volume 31, Issue 6
Examples of using Raman spectroscopy to determine pharmaceutical product quality.
A method for the identification and spatial discrimination of the components in eye shadow samples using Raman microspectroscopy.
Two applications of Raman spectroscopy in a hospital environment are reviewed: analytical quality control for compounded formulations and gas analysis during general anesthesia.
Handheld Raman using 532-nm excitation is an effective option for field analysis, in applications ranging from the analysis of biopharmaceuticals to explosive detection.
A look at how polarized Raman imaging can be used to characterize alignment in large regions of aligned semiconducting carbon nanotube films.
Spectroscopy Spotlight
By Spectroscopy Editors
Colin Campbell discusses his work applying SERS to biomedical applications.
Application Notes (Advertising Content)
Raman spectroscopy offers a number of benefits for testing and characterization, with the selection of system components and measurement parameters offering great flexibility.
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