Special Issues October 2015

October 2015 | Volume 30, Issue 10
Citation information: "Advancing Environmental Analysis," supplement to Spectroscopy, Volume 30, Issue s10, October 2015.
This cost-effective approach has a limit of detection well below 1µg As/L and a linear range that extends to >100 µg As/L.
This work addresses two challenges: developing a technique capable of measuring ppb levels of hormones, and developing an SPLE technique capable of extracting contaminants and hormones from a single sample without additional cleanup steps.
SP-ICP-MS demonstrates excellent potential for characterizing nanoparticles in varied types of environmental samples.
A mix of analytical methods is required to understand the impact, if any, that UOG activity is having on groundwater.
This study demonstrates the strengths of FT-MMR for simple, direct analysis of VOCs and other toxic industrial chemicals.
A brief introduction to the articles presented in this supplement.
Flow-through SPS lowers reagent and sample consumption and decreases waste generation.
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