Special Issues November 2015

November 2015 | Volume 30, Issue 11
Citation information: "Applications of ICP & ICP-MS Techniques for Today's Spectroscopists," supplement to Spectroscopy, Volume 30, Number s11, November 2015
The performance of MS-MS mode and single-quadrupole mode are compared for titanium analysis.
This study shows that a direct Au3+ and HCl sample preparation method quickly and simply allows for accurate Hg quantification by ICP-OES in a wide range of sample types.
During the processing of edible oils, the analysis of trace metals, which can promote oxidation, is important. This article presents a study of metals in edible oils using radial-view ICP-OES and discusses the most suitable wavelengths, background correction, and integration times.
Spectroscopy Spotlight
By Spectroscopy Editors
New studies conducted by Shi Jiao and John Olesik at The Ohio State University have important implications for understanding the fundamental causes of matrix effects in ICP-MS, and for the choice of internal standards.
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