Spectroscopy Press Release Submission Guidelines

1. Spectroscopy's "Resources" section features the latest spectrometers, fluorometers, sampling accessories, computer hardware and software, analytical services, optics, and other products used in spectroscopic analysis. Releases should avoid promotional language and focus on summarizing the specifications of the instrument or service. Submissions that deviate from this guideline will be edited accordingly. The product's application and its relevance to any particular technique should be stated clearly. Generally, no more than three paragraphs are needed. The company's geographic location also should be noted clearly.


2. Photographs accompanying a release must be clear, noncontrived, show the product without lab personnel, and be in color. Files sent electronically must be in .TIF, .EPS, or .JPG format, measuring at least 3x3" at 300 dpi (high resolution print quality). Large files must be compressed (Stuffit or Zip). Files submitted on Mac formatted Iomega zip disks or CDs are acceptable. DO NOT send floppy disks.

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