Appendix XII: X-ray - - Spectroscopy
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Appendix XII: X-ray

Volume 29, Issue 5

Manufacturer: Amptek Inc.
Product name: Experimenter's XRF Kit
XRF kit includes X-123 X-ray spectrometer, Mini-X X-ray tube, mounting hardware, sample enclosure, and software
New this year: The Experimenter's XRF Kit has been redesigned to included a sample enclosure eliminating the need for the user to provide shielding.
Used for: Lab applications
Measurement mode: X-ray fluorescence
Specialty accessory description: Complete XRF system: Includes X-123 complete spectrometer with SDD, Fast SDD, or Si-PIN detector, Mini-X USB controlled X-ray tube, XRF-FP quantitative analysis software, test stand with shielding and sample enclosure, stainless steel 316 (SS316) test sample. Complete documentation with step-by-step instructions.
Software: XRF-FP is a quantitative analysis software package for X-ray fluoresence (XRF), processes the raw X-ray spectra to obtain the elemental peak intensities and the the elemental concentrations or film thicknesses.
Suggested applications: X-ray fluorescence, thin-film analysis, RoHS/WEEE analysis, teaching and research, art and archaeology, process control, X-ray tube characterization.
Primary benefits: Fast, easy set-up for experimenters.
Unique features: A package designed to help a user quickly begin doing elemental analysis via XRF. Aailable with choice of Amptek SDD, Fast SDD, or Si-PIN detector. The user must supply a Windows XP SP3 or later PC with three available USB ports.

Manufacturer: Amptek Inc.
Product name: FAST SDD
Silicon drift detectors
New this year: A new high performance silicon drift detector, preamplifier, and cooler system.
Special features: Also mounted on the two-stage cooler is the preamplifier and feedback circuit. These components are kept at approximately -55 C, and are monitored by an internal temperature sensor. The hermetic TO-8 package of the detector has a light tight, vacuum tight thin beryllium window to enable soft X-ray detection.
Used for: Lab, process, handheld/portable applications
Dimensions: As a component in an instrument the detector is in a TO-8 package in the X-123SDD X-ray spectrometer: 2.7 x 3.9 x 1in, 6.3oz
Measurement mode: XRF, EDXRF, SEM, direct spectral measurements, PIXE, TXRF
Software: Available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.
Suggested applications: On-line process control, SEM scanning applications, FAST hand-held and benchtop XRF analyzers
Primary benefits: FAST SDD X-ray detectors with over 1,000,000 CPS and 125 eV resolution.
Unique features: FAST SDD X-ray detectors can also be used for EDS use with SEMs when paired with Amptek's new technology "C Series" X-ray windows (Si3N4). The low energy response of the Amptek FAST SDD extends down to carbon (C). With its high intrinsic efficiency the FAST SDD is ideal for EDS XRF.

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