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Ocean Optics

Volume 28, Issue 12, pp. 61

Company Description

Ocean Optics provides a variety of modular optical sensing solutions for diverse applications such as medical and biological research, environmental regulation, science education, production, and process control. The company has specified and delivered more than 220,000 miniature and modular spectrometers over the past two decades. Our three-year warranty and next-day shipping service are just a few exemplars of our commitment. Ocean Optics also provides a comprehensive range of complementary technologies, including software, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibers, probes, filters, and many more spectroscopic peripherals and accessories. Our modular spectrometers and sensors are ideal for integration into instruments. We offer our knowledge and a consultative sales engineering team to support the customization required by OEM customers.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

UV, VIS, and NIR; absorbance, transmission and reflectance; laser characterization; LED quality control; Raman; fluorescence; irradiance; spectroradiometry; color determination; fiber optic chemical sensing; flow injection analysis; end-point detection; headspace monitoring; nondestructive testing; and remote monitoring.

Markets Served

Ocean Optics technologies can be found in a diverse range of industries and disciplines. Our products are used by innovators, researchers, scientists, OEM suppliers, medical and health care professionals, and manufacturing facilities worldwide. First responders and security leaders have incorporated Ocean Optics products into their equipment. Science educators have made our instruments an integral part of each student's learning experience. You can find Ocean Optics products in applications ranging from food safety and forensics to semiconductor processing and solar panel analysis.

Major Products/Services

Spectrometers: General-purpose UV, VIS, and NIR spectrometers; fluorescence spectrometers; Raman instruments; reflectometers; field spectrometers; teaching lab systems; spectroradiometers; solar simulator analyzer; ellipsometer
OEM offerings: Spectrometers, software, sensors, fibers, accessories and sub-assemblies for embedding into OEM applications
Optical sensors: Oxygen sensors, pH sensors, temperature sensing, transducing materials
Sampling accessories: Collimating lenses, cuvettes and holders, standards, filters and holders, flow cells, cosine
correctors, integrating spheres
Light sources: Deuterium, tungsten halogen, LED, calibration sources, excitation sources, lasers, xenon
Optical fiber and probes: Fiber optic patch cords with multiple connector options; bare fiber; custom options; reflection, transmission and temperature probes; vacuum feedthroughs


Ocean Optics is headquartered in Dunedin, Florida, and has full-service locations worldwide as well as customer service operations throughout Europe, Latin America, and China. Ocean Optics is part of Halma, p.l.c., a safety and environmental technology group domiciled in the United Kingdom. Ocean Optics
830 Douglas Ave.
Dunedin, FL 34698

(727) 733-2447

(727) 733-3962





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