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Is There an App for That?


App name: IR Spec Check

Offered by: Marzloff Media

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (Version 2.0 for iOS 5.0 or later, 0.3 MB); Android (Version 1.0 for Android v2.1 and up, 394 k)

What it does: IR Spec Check is designed for organic chemists and students to quickly analyze absorbance peaks from an infrared spectroscopy graph. The app reportedly recognizes over 75 absorbance frequencies and matches frequencies with possible R-groups. The app has a ranking system that displays R-Groups based on how accurately a peak falls into the frequency ranges of each result. To use the app, the user enters a wavenumber (cm-1) and hits "go." An icon for each result shows what bond is responsible for the absorbance, and the text displays what type of R-group is absorbing at the frequency.

Cost: $0.99 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; $1.00 for Android

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