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Pittcon 2010 New Product Review


Special features: Fully automated one-button operation. Regroups weighing, fusing and extracting glass disks in one workstation. System made up of widely used advanced standalone modules. Back-up modules can be used during maintenance. Graphic interface with touch screen control. Remote web support from Claisse's fusion application specialists.

Suggested applications: Energy-dispersive XR, wavelength-dispersive XRF, X-ray spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence Spectrometers, Robotics, Automation Products, Automation Equipment.

Primary benefits: Increase productivity and optimize uptime.

Unique features: Artificial vision, reliable automatic weighing, HMI touchscreen control panel, Claisse fusion instrument and application support. Remote web troubleshooting and LIMS capabilities.

Product name: TheOX; sample preparation equipment.

Used for: Laboratory sample preparation.

Special features: Powered by electricity, High temperature capability (1200 C). Accurate and precise control of fusion temperatures (1 C). Prepares up to six samples at a time, touchscreen and Windows XP base.

Suggested applications: Mining and geological samples, silica, silicates, clay, ores, cement, lime, carbonates, ceramics, glass, slag, refractories, sulfides and fluorides, bauxites and alumina, catalysts, polymers, pigments, steel, pure metals, ferroalloys, non-ferrous alloys, pharmaceutical samples.

Primary benefits: High accuracy and repeatability, high productivity, easy to use, Low cost of ownership.

Unique features: Fully automatic, electric multiposition fluxer.

Gasera, Ltd.


Product name: PA301; FT-IR-Accessory; Ultrahigh performance photoacoustic detector for solid, semisolid, and liquid samples.

Used for: Laboratory analysis.

Measurement mode: Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS).

Description: Photoacoustic detector for solid, semisolid, and liquid samples; software can be used in other equipment, is compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Dark samples (for example, bitumen, rubber, and so forth), pharma quality control, soil samples, paper and wood analysis, tissue samples, food analysis, explosives, depth profiling.

Primary benefits: Spectrum is also independent of sample morphology, contactless and nonconsuming, possibility for depth profiling, suitable for optically opaque samples.

Unique features: Patented ultrasensitive optical cantilever sensor. Includes a built in flow meter for helium purge.

Product name: FTIR accessory: PA101 FTIR-accessory, (sample cell + detector): Photoacoustic gas analysis module.

Used for: Laboratory analysis.

Measurement mode: Photoacoustic.

Description: Photoacoustic accessory detector for gases; software Available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Headspace analysis, analysis of decomposition products, analysis of synthesis processes, or outgassing of materials, wet gases, measurements requiring high dynamic range, measurements requiring low sample volume.

Primary benefits: High sensitivity from very small volume (volume < 10 mL), wide linear dynamic range due to the short optical pathlength, measures directly the absorption in gases.

Unique features: Utilizes Gasera's patented ultrasensitive optical cantilever sensor.

Glass Expansion, Inc.


Product name: U-Series Nebulizers.

Used for: Atomic spectroscopy; consumable accessory for ICP-AES and ICP-MS instruments.

Suggested applications: Ideal for all applications of ICP-AES and ICP-MA.

Primary benefits: The U-Series line of concentric glass nebulizers improves the sample line/nebulizer interface is easy to connect. Dead volume has been eliminated thus speeding sample washout. The internal sample channel is uniform from one end to the other.

Unique features: Zero dead volume interface eliminates carryover. Designed to be compatible with the company's HPLC interface kit.

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