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Articles by Steve Buckley

Steve Buckley

LIBS Basics, Part II: Hardware
April 1, 2014

The choices for LIBS hardware are discussed in detail, particularly lasers and spectrometers, and the trade-offs between cost, size, and performance are illustrated.

LIBS Basics, Part I: Measurement Physics and Implementation
January 1, 2014

An overview for those considering implementation of LIBS to solve a particular analytical problem, and an introduction for those interested in learning more about LIBS. Part I concentrates on the basics of the measurement and typical implementation.

North American Society for Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Now Part of FACSS and SciX
May 16, 2013

The 2013 meeting of NASLIBS will be held from September 29 to October 4 at the SciX conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( The program offers 11 sessions and extends for the duration of the conference. Session topics include data analysis from the Curiosity Mars Rover, quantification of LIBS results, new hardware and methodologies, hyphenated LIBS, and applications from forensics to industrial measurements.

Laser-Based Technologies Target Terrorists
April 1, 2010

Advances in hardware and in data analysis make Raman and laser-assisted spectroscopy techniques valuable in hazardous materials analysis.

Headlines from LCGC North America and Chromatography Online
Upcoming Eastern Analytical Symposium Integrates Art and Science
Environmental Speciation Analysis using Ion Chromatography
Waters EU - Using the Elucidation Tool in UNIFI Scientific Information System to Identify Unknown Compounds in Natural Products
Waters EU - Leveraging Organizational Information with Scientific Search
Waters EU - A Label-Free, Multi-Omic Study to Qualitatively and Quantitatively Characterize the Effects of a Glucosylceramide Inhibitor on Obesity
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