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Spectroscopy, June 2013
Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench
Resonance Enhancement of Raman Spectroscopy: Friend or Foe?
By Fran Adar
The presence of electronic transitions in the visible part of the spectrum can provide enormous enhancement of Raman signals.
The Baseline
Logger Rhythm
By David W. Ball
A logarithm is a mathematical function that shows up in some forms of spectroscopy. Understanding what it is can give us a better appreciation for its function in our fields.
Calibration Transfer, Part III: The Mathematical Aspects
By Jerome Workman, Jr. , Howard Mark
Calibration transfer is a series of techniques used to apply a single spectral database, and the calibration model developed using that database, to two or more instruments. Here, we review the mathematical approaches and issues related to the calibration transfer process.
Peer-Reviewed Article
NIR Model Transfer Based on Wavelet Transform Algorithms
By Ju Xiang Wang , Zhi Na Xing , Jun Qu
A study is presented that uses an amine mixture as an example to discuss the combination of wavelet and piecewise direct standardization algorithms, which will improve the precision of near infrared (NIR) model transfer.
Spectroscopy Spotlight
Out of This World: The Next Generation of Medical Diagnosis
Real-time air fingerprinting (RAFT) uses spectroscopic techniques to measure volatile organic compounds. Now, the University of Leicester in the UK is testing the use of RAFT for rapid and noninvasive diagnosis of illness in an emergency ward. Paul Monks, a professor in atmospheric chemistry and earth observation science, explains the approach.
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NASLIBS Now Part of FACSS and SciX
Market Profile: Used IR and NIR Spectroscopy Instrumentation
Market Profile: Used IR and NIR Spectroscopy Instrumentation
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Pharma Focus: Where pharmaceutical analysis is heading
Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Waters EU - Combining Mass and UV Spectral Data with Empower 3 Software to Streamline Peak Tracking and Coelution Detection
Method Development of Mixed-Mode Solid Phase Extraction for Forensics Appliations
Water for GC-MS Analysis of VOCs
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