Special Issues-07-01-2008

Special Issues

July 01, 2008

A summary of the five-day mass spectrometry conference held this month in Denver, Colorado.

The authors introduce a compact ECD device coupled to a linear ion trap time-of-flight instrument, and use it to analyze protein phosphorylation in both offline and online modes.

In this article, the authors take a look at the identification, synthesis, and characterization of impurities in Ramipril tablets.

This article describes the ability to increase the sensitivity for a target compound in the presence of high-level background impurities by removing the dosing vehicle using a high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry gas-phase separation before mass spectrometry analysis.

Many organic chemicals are difficult to analyze using traditional GC–MS. In this study, the author used LC–MS-MS to analyze a variety of environmental contaminants.

Here, the authors demonstrate the use of a systematized approach to SPE method development and LC–MS-MS analysis.

The in-tube extraction technique for determination of volatile organic compounds in water is described.

Special Issues

July 01, 2008

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This article presents GC–TOFMS methods developed to identify several major drug classes and chemical functionalities.