Special Issues-07-01-2018

Special Issues
Special Issues

July 01, 2018

Click the title above to open the Spectroscopy July 2018 Special Issue, Current Trends in Mass Spectrometry, in an interactive PDF format.

A new type of analysis called “wide-selected ion monitoring (SIM)/MS2” scanning, is capable of screening for a wide range of DNA adducts (chemical modifications to genomic DNA). This method has successfully identified DNA adducts from carcinogen exposures and oxidative stress in human prostate and kidney tissues.

An important advantage of standardized methods is that they enable comparability between laboratories and across studies. In this work, the author used a standardized targeted kit to demonstrate the accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility of the approach, analyzing serum samples obtained from type 2 diabetes study subjects and healthy controls.

For the BTEX compounds, detection limits in the single-digit parts-per-billion concentration range (by volume) are readily achievable within seconds using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS), because sample analysis is achieved without chromatography, preconcentration, or drying.

Our annual review of the ASMS national conference. This year’s event was held June 3–7 in San Diego, California.