Special Issues-08-01-2008

The authors discuss the use of FT-NIR to identify several different types of drug formulations.

In this article, the authors discuss ways to ensure that users of varying skill levels will achieve the same results when analyzing mixtures.

This article focuses on the emergence of handheld, portable FT-IR spectrometers and the implications with respect to applications and use.

Special Issues

The authors discuss the use of instruments that combine FT-IR and Raman microscopy on a single platform, enabling synergistic studies of many materials.

Special Issues

August 01, 2008

The author discusses the benefits of using FT-IR to identify microbial organisms.

Special Issues

The authors discuss how applying infrared spectroscopy to microscopic sample preparations extends the value of results generated and provides molecular analysis of physical and chemical interactions.

The author discusses how researchers can gain the most accurate and useful data from their equipment by employing careful sampling and microscope techniques and following a few common best practices.