Special Issues-09-01-2019

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An arsenic speciation method using LA–ICP-MS was developed to provide a more accurate procedure for the determination of arsenic species in marine oils. It was validated for the analysis of five arsenic species in krill oil, and should also prove useful when quantitating inorganic arsenic species in other marine oils.

Method setup and optimization steps are explored to illustrate how an ICP-MS/MS method can be defined and tested to ensure consistent performance. Users can benefit from improved interference removal performance without the complex method development inherent in the use of ion-molecule reaction chemistry

A simple analytical method, requiring no sample pretreatment, was developed for determination of chromium, iron, nickel, and zinc in mouthwash by inductively coupled plasma‒optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES). This method allowed the study of potential migration by iron, chromium, and nickel from stainless steel containers.