Special Issues-10-02-2016

The authors compare LC–MS/MS methods for quantification of the pesticide glyphosate with and without sample derivatization, and discuss ICP-MS methods for the determination of heavy metals.

QuEChERS is introduced to the discipline of forensic testing as a viable method for the extraction of pesticides and cannabinoids in various complex sample matrices.

This fast, automated method was shown to be accurate and precise for 16 liquid sweeteners, and is likely more accurate than Karl Fischer titration.

This speciation method based on ion-interaction chromatography has a run time of

Special Issues

Given the wide range in polarity of the components of mesquite flour, it is advantageous to study the health benefits of this flour using methods that combine the complementary approaches of reversed-phase and aqueous normal phase LC.

A new methodology for the analysis of three important -dicarbonyls (methylglyoxal, diacetyl, and pentane-2,3-dione) in wines was developed.