App of the month: Insensitive

Feb 25, 2014
By Spectroscopy Editors

App of the month: Insensitive

Offered by: Klaus Boldt

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (requires iOS 4.3 or
later); Mac OS X

What it does: This app is designed to simulate the
quantum mechanical models that are used to describe
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments. The
vector model, density matrix, and product operators of
an ensemble of up to four spins-1/2 and two spin types
are reportedly visualized. According to the description,
features include selective pulses, weak and strong
coupling, dipolar relaxation, gradients, Cartesian and
spherical product operator basis, phase correction, pulse
sequence recording, and a comprehensive tutorial. To
make full use of this app, basic knowledge of quantum
mechanics and a textbook on NMR are recommended.

Cost: Free

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