John A. McClean Receives Agilent Thought Leader Award

Jun 23, 2014
By Spectroscopy Editors

Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, California) has awarded an Agilent Thought Leader Award to John A. McLean, who is a Stevenson Professor of Chemistry at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee).

McLean was selected for the award to acknowledge his contributions to ion mobility mass spectrometry (IM–MS) focused on advanced applications, including comprehensive biomolecular systems analysis and synthetic biology. McLean said: “We are grateful to Agilent for this Thought Leader Award because it affirms our research efforts in untargeted broad-scale molecular analysis at the intersection of integrative biology and translational research.”

John C. Fjeldsted, Agilent’s senior director of LC–MS Research and Development said: “We are pleased to recognize John McLean as an Agilent Thought Leader. John and the Vanderbilt team demonstrate a unique combination of driving fundamental instrumental development and pioneering solutions to address tremendously complex real-time biological applications.”

The Agilent Thought Leader Award promotes fundamental scientific advances by contributing financial support, products, and expertise to the research of influential thought leaders in the life sciences, diagnostics, and chemical analysis.

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