Column: Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench

Dec 01, 2004
Recent advances in thin-film filter technology have enabled dramatic improvements in the performance of filters for laser-based analytical instrumentation.
Sep 01, 2004
A variable filter array spectrometer can help defeat the environmental restraints of traditional infrared spectrometers.
Apr 01, 2004
NIR-CI adds a completely new dimension to conventional spectroscopy.
Mar 01, 2004
This installment provides a wrap-up of the 18th International Forum for Process Analytical Chemistry.
Feb 01, 2004
This installment examines one of the key differences between the Near-IR and Mid-Range IR and highlights a couple of applications where Mid-IR can be effectively employed as a process analytical technology (PAT).
Jan 01, 2004
This second installment in the pair looks at NIR applications performed at-line and on-line, as well as some points to be considered in implementing NIR as a process analytical tool.
Nov 01, 2003
Rapid near-infrared spectroscopy measurement near the process line of lab applications may speed up the process.
Oct 01, 2003
The author describes applying validation principles originally designed for lab instruments to process instruments.
Sep 01, 2003
The author discusses the process analytical technologies initiative and its effect on spectroscopy.
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