Ralph N. Adams Award

Mar 02, 2010
By Spectroscopy Editors

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2:00 p.m. Room 206A

The 2010 Ralph N. Adams Award in Bioanalytical Chemistry will be presented to Catherine Fenselau, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland), on Wednesday afternoon at Pittcon 2010. The award is sponsored jointly by the Pittsburgh Conference and Friends of Ralph N. Adams. Fenselau will receive the award from Edward P. Ladner, Jr., the Immediate Former President of the Pittsburgh Conference. The award recognizes outstanding scientists who have advanced the field of bioanalytical chemistry through research, innovation, and education. Fenselau will be honored for her leadership in the use of mass spectrometry to study biomolecules. The award presentation will be followed by a session of oral presentations on mass spectrometry and biological molecules such as glycoproteins, the origin of life, and proteome analysis.

Fenselau’s research group focuses on areas such as biomolecular studies using mass spectrometry, interactions of drugs and proteins, rapid characterization of microorganisms by mass spectrometry, and mechanisms of acquired drug resistance.

Fenselau has received a number of awards for her efforts, including the Maryland Chemist Award from the American Chemical Society in 1989, the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Medal in 1993, the Eastern Analytical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry in 1999, the AnaChem Award in 2003, the Hillebrand Medal from the Chemical Society of Washington in 2005, and the Field and Franklin Award from the American Chemical Society for Contributions to Mass Spectrometry in 2008, and the Thompson Medal from the International Society of Mass Spectrometry in 2009.

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