OPCO Laboratory Inc.

Dec 01, 2013
By Spectroscopy Editors
Volume 28, Issue 12

Company Description

For 40 years, OPCO Laboratory has been a world class manufacturer of optical components, optical coatings, and optical contract manufacturing services. We manufacture custom lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, windows, and domes from a variety of materials per customer requirement. Our full service capabilities include in house optical coating and we can provide both metal and all dielectric coatings. Our proprietary replication process allows us to deliver precision optical gratings and our stock of grating masters covers from low UV to far IR. Custom ruled gratings can be made using our in house state of the art ruling engine. Finally, OPCO produces replicated mirrors on various glass and metal substrates.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • UV-vis spectroscopy
  • NIR spectroscopy
  • FT-IR spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Raman spectroscopy

Markets Served

OPCO supplies optical components, optical coatings, gratings, replicated mirrors, and optical assemblies to many industries. Our products are used for semiconductor devices, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, laser systems, hyperspectral and Raman imaging systems, optical recording and storage, and defense and aerospace applications.

Major Products/Services

  • Optical components
  • Micro-optics
  • Optical coatings
  • Optical contract manufacturing
  • Precision ruled diffraction gratings
  • Custom ruled grating masters
  • Replicated mirrors and structures


OPCO Laboratory is locatated in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in a 15,000 square foot facility. Our full service plant includes equipment for cutting, shaping, and polishing glass. There are 12 coating chambers and multiple clean rooms down to class 100. A full lab for grating and mirror replication and a separate isolated facility for our precision ruling engine is also in our facility.

OPCO Laboratory Inc.
704 River St.
Fitchburg, MA 01420

(978) 345-2522

(978) 345-5515





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