PIKE Technologies

Dec 01, 2013
By Spectroscopy Editors
Volume 28, Issue 12

Company Description

PIKE Technologies was established in the summer of 1989, specializing in the development and manufacture of accessories and optical systems that enhance the performance of commercial spectrometers. PIKE concentrates on making the life of laboratory personnel easier. This is achieved through replacing traditional, tedious sampling routines with a range of innovative products and techniques.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

PIKE products are designed to work with FT-IR and molecular spectrometers and are based upon the principles of transmission and reflection spectroscopy measurements. The sampling techniques offered can be divided into seven major groups:
  • Attenuated total reflectance (ATR), for analysis of liquids, pastes, and solid materials.
  • Diffuse reflectance (DRIFTS), used in sampling of powders and solids.
  • Specular reflectance, useful in thin film composition and coating thickness measurements.
  • Microsampling products, FT-IR microscope and beam condensers to analyze microsamples.
  • Integrating spheres, NIR and Mid-IR versions for FT-IR spectrometers.
  • Transmission supplies, including IR optics, pellet making tools, and windows of all sizes and designs.
  • Automation and temperature control are available for many of our spectroscopy accessories to speed sampling and to provide precise thermal analysis.

Markets Served

PIKE products are designed for molecular spectrometers in the petrochemical, food, forensic, biochemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, agriculture, and material science industries. In addition, PIKE specializes in custom design of products for specific applications. PIKE products are built with craftsmanship and care to exceed customer expectations. Visit our new website and take advantage of our unique and interactive Crystal Properties Chart and FT-IR Calculator.

Major Products/Services

  • MIRacle™ patented "universal" sampling accessory — Diamond, ZnSe, Ge, and Si
  • GladiATR™ and GladiATR Vision™ — Highest performance diamond ATR
  • VeeMAX™ patented variable angle specular reflection and ATR accessory
  • ATRMax™ used for variable depth of penetration experiments and studies
  • A wide range of fully automated FT-IR and NIR products with easy-to-integrate AutoPRO™ software
  • Valu-Line™ Kits combining the most often used sampling accessories and transmission kits containing sampling holders, cells, and optics
  • Long-Path Gas Cells — 2.4 to 20 m, heating available


PIKE Technologies is located in Madison, Wisconsin. We distribute directly to our customers worldwide, and OEMs for packaging with spectrometers of all manufacturers. Please call or visit our website for additional contact and product information.

PIKE Technologies
6125 Cottonwood Drive
Madison, WI 53719

(608) 274-2721

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