Savillex PFA Cyclonic Spray Chamber for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Sep 01, 2014

The new Savillex PFA Cyclonic Spray Chamber is the first inert chamber with the traditional shape of a glass cyclonic, and is also the first translucent inert chamber. Combining excellent stability with high sensitivity, the Savillex PFA offers performance similar to that of a good glass cyclonic.

Figure 1: Savillex spray chamber.
The Savillex PFA Cyclonic Spray Chamber (CSC) for ICP-OES and ICP-MS is manufactured using Savillex's unique stretch blow molding technology. Unlike other inert cyclonics, which are manufactured from individual machined parts that are assembled or welded together, stretch blow molding allows the Savillex PFA CSC to be molded in an optimum cyclonic shape similar to the traditional shape of a glass or quartz cyclonic. Its translucent walls allow the user to see inside the chamber during operation, while the very smooth surface finish helps improve washout. A deep spoiler is molded into the side walls, improving signal stability and preventing re-nebulization, and a drain guide on the baffle tip promotes smooth draining. The CSC is manufactured independently of the exit port and baffle, so that the same chamber can be used with and without a baffle, and even used on different instruments simply by changing the exit port/connector. The nebulizer port accepts any 6 mm OD nebulizer, although the port is optimized for the Savillex C-Flow PFA concentric: simply insert the C-Flow fully and tighten the port nut: nebulizer insertion depth is automatically optimized. The Savillex PFA CSC has excellent stability and sensitivity, and is also available with an optional surface treatment, which further enhances sensitivity.

Performance Comparison – ICP-MS

Table I: 10 min stability test; nebulizer used: Savillex C400d PFA concentric, pumped at 350 µL/min; 10 ppb multielement tune solution
The performance of both versions of the Savillex PFA CSC (treated and untreated) was compared to a PFA cyclonic from another manufacturer ("PFA Cyclonic A"), using ICP-MS. The table above shows stability and sensitivity across the mass range, Ce2+ and CeO levels. Both versions of the Savillex PFA CSC demonstrated superior signal stability and sensitivity, and the Savillex treated version was 60% more sensitive than PFA Cyclonic A. For more information, go to

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