Wasatch Photonics

Dec 01, 2013
By Spectroscopy Editors
Volume 28, Issue 12

Company Description

Wasatch Photonics is home to the world's fastest spectrometer! The company was founded in 2002 to manufacture high-performance volume phase holographic gratings (VPHGs) offering low polarization dependence, high dispersion, and high diffraction efficiencies. The spectrometer division, founded in 2010, creates high-throughput VPHG spectrometers having as much as 20× more signal than competing spectrometers. High throughput provides faster acquisition, greater spectral resolution, and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. Our Raman spectrometers have among the lowest limit of detection levels in the market.

Our systems engineers provide custom designs tailored for your detection needs. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-throughput, low cost, compact spectrometers, based on our superior VPHG technology and our highly efficient f/1.3 optical designs.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported:

High throughput Raman, optical coherence tomography (OCT), hyperspectral imaging, fluorescence, NIR, low cost Raman microscopy. We produce high performance VPHGs for spectroscopy, pulse compression, and astronomy. VPHG sizes range from 6–400 mm in prototype and production quantities, from UV to mid IR. Our VPHGs are rugged and easy to clean and offer superior performance compared to surface relief gratings.

Markets Served

Wasatch Photonics provides affordable instrumentation and gratings to researchers and educators. Our technology is used in a wide array of industries and applications. We design and manufacture spectrometers and diffractive optics for various industries. They are used in systems for drug detection, homeland security, raw materials inspection and validation, process control, pharmaceuticals, and mining.

Our OCT systems are used in human and animal ophthalmology, materials characterization, and metrology. VPHGs, filters, and other holographic optical elements are used in spectroscopic instruments, astronomical spectrometers, laser systems, optical networking, and imaging. We provide solutions for those who have challenging spectroscopic applications.

Major Products/Services

Spectrometers: f/1.3 Raman spectrometers and systems, high throughput Raman, micro-Raman, OCT imaging spectrometers and systems, hyperspectral imaging spectrometers and systems, UV-vis/NIR, high-resolution, fluorescence, remote sensing, field measurement

Transmission Gratings: Volume phase holographic diffraction gratings for spectroscopy, pulse compression and astronomy. Stock and OEM gratings available.

OEM offerings: Spectrometers that range from the UV to mid IR; subassemblies for embedding into OEM applications

Probes and accessories: f/1.3 Raman probe, cuvette holder, and custom options


Wasatch Photonics is headquartered in Logan, Utah, with a spectrometer R&D and manufacturing facility located in the Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina.

Wasatch Photonics
1305 North 1000 West
Suite 120
Logan, UT 84321

(919) 544-7785

(435) 752-4306





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