The author continues his discussion of the principles involved in the backup and recovery of electronic records. This installment looks at the written procedures associated with this process for a spectrometer operating in a regulated laboratory.

Time-dependent density functional theory and ZINDO/S methods have been used to compute and analyze the electronic spectra of benzazoles, 2-phenylbenzazoles, and 2-(4-aminophenyl)benzazoles. The observed spectra of the studied antitumor drugs are diffuse and highly solvent-dependent. Spectral analysis of the charge density distributions and relative polarities of the ground and excited states have enabled understanding of the observed solvent effects.


May 01, 2005

Spectroscopy is proud to present its annual review of products displayed at our industry's premier trade show, the Pittsburgh Conference. The Spectroscopy editorial staff spent a good portion of the show investigating and collecting information on exhibitors' offerings, and a sampling of those instruments appear below, including a brief product description and the company's name and Web address. We have made every effort to provide as comprehensive a listing as possible, but as in years past, we cannot claim to have made a complete record of every product shown at the conference.