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Convene and talk about recent developments in the computer industry, generative ai | Image Credit: © Abul -
Recent Developments in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

May 17th 2024

Here, we present a compilation of recent studies that used laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in their research.

railway rails go into the distance around the bend against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset | Image Credit: © kazakova0684 -
Using LIBS to Gauge the Hardness of Steel Rails

April 23rd 2024

Preparing field for planting. Plowed soil in spring time with two tubes and blue sky. | Image Credit: © es0lex -
Accurate Measurement of Heavy Metals in Soil Using SC-LIBS

March 14th 2024

Group, set of simple new high quality shiny galvanized stainless steel metal aluminium alloy pipes stacked, iron pipes, industrial construction materials, supplies storage, warehouse stock, nobody | Image Credit: © Tomasz -
LIBS System Built on Microjoule High PRF Laser Identifies Aluminum Alloys for Recycling Potential

January 2nd 2024

Hands holding plasma light ball on black background | Image Credit: © hakule -
Unraveling Plasma-Wall Interaction for Fusion Reactors: Advancements in LIBS Depth Profiling for Multilayer Deposition Materials

December 14th 2023


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