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Posted sign in an airport read "General boarding here" to direct passenger for TSA security check | Image Credit: © Dmitry -
Rigaku Receives Third Year of Funding from TSA

April 2nd 2024

Rigaku Analytical Devices has been awarded a third year of funding for a TSA contract dedicated to creating better-optimized screening equipment.

PHILADELPHIA, USA - JUNE 11, 2013: University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in Philadelphia. The university exists since 1740 and had 21,599 students in 2018. | Image Credit: © Tupungato -
University of Pennsylvania Graduate Researcher Wins SPIE Medical Imaging Student Paper Award

March 14th 2024

Photonics West: Improving Imaging Modalities Using Deep Learning
Photonics West: Improving Imaging Modalities Using Deep Learning

February 5th 2024

Aerial view of the pyramid, Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico. Ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul surrounded by the jungle | Image Credit: © Alfredo -
Analyzing Ancient Maya Architecture to Understand Class Structures

November 1st 2023

Morning at Grasslands National Park | Image Credit: © jkgabbert -
Identification and Classification of Degradation-Indicator Grass Species in a Desertified Steppe Based on HSI-UAV

November 1st 2023

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