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Best of the Week: Metal Ion Leaching, Analytica 2024 Preview

March 29th 2024

Here are the top five articles that the editors of Spectroscopy published this week.

Cross-section Dicot, Monocot and Root of Plant Stem under the microscope for classroom education. | Image Credit: sinhyu - stock.adobe.com
Carbon Quantum Dots Tested for Hypochlorite Detection and Cell Imaging

March 21st 2024

PHILADELPHIA, USA - JUNE 11, 2013: University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in Philadelphia. The university exists since 1740 and had 21,599 students in 2018. | Image Credit: © Tupungato - stock.adobe.com
University of Pennsylvania Graduate Researcher Wins SPIE Medical Imaging Student Paper Award

March 14th 2024

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Spectroscopic Techniques Evaluate TEAP Single Crystals for Usefulness in Nonlinear Optical Applications

January 9th 2024

Roman Coins Treasure. Pile of Empire Roman Coins | Image Credit: © wojciechkic.com - stock.adobe.com.
Advancements in Non-Invasive Analysis of Historical Metal Artifacts

December 19th 2023

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