Analytical Instrumentation


Review of New Spectroscopic Instrumentation for 2017

May 01, 2017

Our annual review of new spectroscopy products introduced at Pittcon, or during the previous year.


Pump–Probe Microscopy: Theory, Instrumentation, and Applications

April 01, 2017

Excited state dynamics provides an intrinsic molecular contrast of samples examined. These dynamics can be monitored by pump probe spectroscopy which measures the change in transmission of a probe beam induced by a pump beam. With superior detection sensitivity, chemical specificity and spatial-temporal resolution, pump probe microscopy is an emerging tool for functional imaging of non-fluorescent chromophores and nanomaterials. This article reviews the basic principle, instrumentation strategy, data analysis methods, and applications of pump probe microscopy. A brief outlook is provided.


Review of New Spectroscopic Instrumentation 2016

May 01, 2016

Our annual review of products introduced at Pittcon or during the previous year, broken down by the following categories: accessories, atomic spectroscopy, components, imaging, mass spectrometry, mid-IR, NIR, NMR, Raman, software, UV-vis, and X-ray.

Trends in Spectroscopic Instrumentation: Complex Measurement Needs Drive Instrument Design

March 01, 2016


This article discusses emerging trends in the design and use of spectroscopic instrumentation. It focuses on recent research using new or modified spectroscopic techniques that are advancing scientists’ capability to obtain high-content, high-resolution data from ever-smaller sample sizes. To illustrate this trend, the article surveys novel approaches to complex measurement problems across a wide range of critical fields such as disease research, food safety, environmental monitoring, and drug development.


2015 Review of Spectroscopic Instrumentation

May 01, 2015

Every year, we prepare this review of new spectroscopy products to make it easy for you to stay up to date on the latest instrumentation, accessories, components, and software. Traditionally, we have referred to this article as the "Pittcon" review.


2014 Review of Spectroscopic Instrumentation Presented at Pittcon

May 01, 2014

Our annual review of products introduced at Pittcon

Advancements in Molecular Spectroscopy: Instrumentation and Applications

March 14, 2014


Highlights of recent advances in three major areas of molecular spectroscopy: infrared (IR), Raman, and fluorescence.


Market Profile: Used IR and NIR Spectroscopy Instrumentation

June 01, 2013

Market Profile: Used IR and NIR Spectroscopy Instrumentation

What's New in Spectroscopy Instrumentation: The Pittcon Review

May 14, 2013

Click here to view the complete Wavelength newsletter from May 14, 2013.


Calibration Transfer, Part II: The Instrumentation Aspects

May 01, 2013

Part II of this series surveys the issues related to instrument measurement differences associated with the calibration transfer problem.