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An illustration of a network of molecules, forming a web-like structure, representing the dynamics of molecular interactions Generative AI | Image Credit: © Denis Yevtekhov -
Spectroscopy Expected to Drive Growth in $107B Proteomics Market

November 23rd 2023

High-resolution magnetic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance (HRMAS NMR) spectroscopy in particular can be applied to nonconventional solvents, helping to obtain information about protein crystal structures while also adhering to green analytical chemistry tenets.

Foam cell, a macrophage cell with lipid droplets | Image Credit: © Dr_Microbe -
Lipid Droplets and Endoplasmic Reticulum Analyzed Using Fluorescence Probe

September 8th 2023

Food quality control concept | Image Credit: © Alexander Raths -
Portable Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Spectrometer Tested for Food Analysis

September 1st 2023

Mathew Horrocks | Image Credit: © Mathew Horrocks
Fluorescence Microscopy: A Conversation with Joseph Black Award Winner Mathew Horrocks

July 20th 2023

Human monoclonal antibody that blocks SARS-CoV infection. Virus neutralization therapy. | Image Credit: © Pandagolik -
Non-Destructive Raman Spectroscopy Revolutionizes Monoclonal Antibody Drug Substance Identification

July 7th 2023

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