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New 1.2 GHz AVANCE® NMR system at The Ohio State University | Photo Credit: © Business Wire
Bruker Installs 1.2 GHz NMR System at The Ohio State University

February 8th 2024

This is the first 1.2 gigahertz nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy system in the United States; eight are currently installed in Europe.

Glass globe encircled by verdant forest flora, symbolizing nature, environment, sustainability, ESG, and climate change awareness, generative ai | Image Credit: © InputUX - stock.adobe.com
Researchers Develop Efficient Nitroaromatic Compound Detection Method Using Novel Porous Polymers

December 20th 2023

An illustration of a network of molecules, forming a web-like structure, representing the dynamics of molecular interactions Generative AI | Image Credit: © Denis Yevtekhov - stock.adobe.com
Spectroscopy Expected to Drive Growth in $107B Proteomics Market

November 23rd 2023

Robert Kennedy
Retrospecting on Analytical Chemistry: An EAS Interview with Robert Kennedy

November 16th 2023

Gold winners award with three stars | Image Credit: © sergign - stock.adobe.com.
Mary Wirth Receives 2023 EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Separation Science

November 13th 2023


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