UV-vis Spectroscopy

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Fresh Cordyceps militaris in Glass bottles | Image Credit: © gee1999 - stock.adobe.com
Reflectance Spectroscopy Tested for Identifying Fungi Species

April 4th 2024

Scientists in Poland recently tested how multidimensional discriminant analysis and reflectance spectroscopy can help identify species within fungi strains.

Image Credit: © Oligo Factory
Synthesizing Synthetic Oligonucleotides: An Interview with the CEO of Oligo Factory

February 6th 2024

persimmon | Image Credit: © nata_vkusidey - stock.adobe.com
Persimmon Leaves’ Contents Determined Using Hyperspectral Imaging

February 1st 2024

shiny citrine yellow crystal close up pattern texture | Image Credit: © Anna Schlosser - stock.adobe.com
Spectroscopic Techniques Evaluate TEAP Single Crystals for Usefulness in Nonlinear Optical Applications

January 9th 2024

Dirty beach environment from plastic garbage. | Image Credit: © NPD Stock - stock.adobe.com.
From Bakelite to Biodegradable: Practical Initiatives for Broadband Spectroscopy in Plastic Remediation and Replacement

January 2nd 2024

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