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Red laser beam light effect isolated on transparent background. Neon light ray. | Image Credit: © Likanaris -
New System Created to Study Relationship Between Lithium Plasma and LIBS

November 29th 2023

Scientists from Moscow, Russia studied the dynamics of lithium plasma under laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using a custom system made using 3DLINE code.

Electronic circuit board close up. | Image Credit: © Raimundas -
Tandem LA-ICP-MS/LIBS to Classify Epoxy Molds for Electronics

August 9th 2023

Gary McGeorge, Scientific Director at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Standardizing Solutions to Enabling Platforming of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Deployments

April 24th 2023

Determination of the Degree of Cure of a Varnish

January 8th 2016

Analysis of Solar Silicon Using High-Throughput Spectroscopy

August 1st 2009


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