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Small pile of minerals extracted in a rare earth mine. Ai generated. | Image Credit: © Joaquin Corbalan -
Simultaneous Determination of 50 Elements in Geochemical Samples by Low-Pressure Closed Digestion-ICP-MS

January 1st 2024

The article describes a method for geochemical sample analysis using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) crucibles and ICP-MS, achieving detection limits below 0.2 μg/g and relative standard deviations ranging from 1.1% to 16.4%. The approach minimizes acid usage, prevents dust contamination, accurately determines volatile elements, and is deemed suitable for high-throughput laboratories with numerous samples and diverse elements to be tested.

Raw fish fillet of tilapia on a cutting Board with lemon and spices. Dark table with copy space. | Image Credit: © Elenglush -
Hyperspectral Imaging Combined with Convolutional Neural Network for Rapid and Accurate Evaluation of Tilapia Fillet Freshness

December 8th 2023

3D image of Chrysene skeletal formula - molecular chemical structure of Benzophenanthrene isolated on white background | Image Credit: © kseniyaomega -
Interacting Characteristics of Chrysene with Free DNA in vitro

December 1st 2023

3d illustration of human internal organ gallbladder anatomy | Image Credit: © microscience -
EDX and LIBS Studies on Gallstones Using Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA)

October 1st 2023

adorable grey pet rat posing outdoors | Image Credit: © otsphoto -
Detection of Acute Kidney Injury Induced by Gentamicin in a Rat Model by Aluminum-Foil-Assisted ATR-FT-IR Spectroscopy

September 1st 2023

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