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Best of the Week: Recapping Analytica 2024
Best of the Week: Recapping Analytica 2024

April 12th 2024

Here are the top five articles that the editors of Spectroscopy published this week.

Holistic medicine approach. Healthy food eating, dietary supplements, healing herbs and flowers. Turmeric, dried lavender, spirulina powder in wooden bowls, fresh berries, omega acid capsules | Image Credit: © jchizhe -
More Than Just Acronyms at EAS 2023

November 14th 2023

A Look at Rapid Quantification of PFAS in Non-Potable Waters

March 1st 2020

Determination of Very Low Abundance Diagnostic Proteins in Serum Using Immunocapture LC–MS/MS

July 1st 2017

Ion Mobility Spectrometers as Chromatographic Detectors

July 1st 2017

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