In various fields such as signal processing, imaging processing, analytical chemistry, and spectroscopic analysis, smoothing and differentiation is important and necessary. With a matrix approach, the Savitzky–Golay smoothing and differentiation filter was extended recently to even length. In this article, a more general approach is proposed for convenient computation.

Accurate and precise time and date stamps are critical to ensuring integrity of the data and results generated by each computerized system used in any spectroscopy laboratory.

This tutorial illustrates the technical principles and typical applications of the most common mass analyzers used in bioanalytical laboratories today, as well as novel techniques and mass analyzer designs. Examples are based upon the authors' research in small molecule applications.

New mid-infrared spectroscopic sources, based upon advances in fiber lasers and in nonlinear frequency conversion, are now enabling high-resolution laser spectroscopy in the 2–4 μm wavelength region and beyond. With this in mind, the authors discuss continuous wave (CW) optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) in particular.