Amptek, Inc



Volume 27
Issue 12

Amptek, Inc

Company Description

Amptek, Inc., is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art X-ray and gamma ray detectors, preamplifiers, instrumentation, and components for portable instruments, laboratories, satellites, and analytical purposes. These products provide the user with high performance and high reliability together with small size and low power.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF), direct spectral measurements, SEM, PIXE, and TXRF.

Markets Served

Amptek serves wherever X-ray detection is used; for example, hand-held and table-top XRF analyzers produced by OEMs; research facilities in universities, commercial enterprises and the military; nuclear medicine; space; museums; environmental monitoring; and geological analysis of soils and minerals.

Major Products/Services

Models Super XR-100SDD and XR-100CR are high performance X-ray detector systems featuring a wide range of detection areas and efficiency; resolution of 125 eV FWHM; and solid-state design. Power and shaping are provided by the PX5 Digital Pulse Processor. The XR-100 successfully analyzed the rocks and soil on Mars.

The X-123 is a complete X-ray detector system in one small box that fits in your hand. The X-123 incorporates either the Amptek Si-Pin Diode Detector or Super Silicon Drift Detector; Charge Sensitive Preamplifier; the Amptek DP5 Digital Pulse Processor and MCA; and the Amptek PC5 Power Supply. This small, low power, easy to operate, high-performance instrument is ideal for both the laboratory and OEM industries.

Completing Amptek's XRF portable solutions for exact measurements are the USB controlled Mini-X X-ray tube and the XRF-FP Quantitative Analysis Software. Please visit our web site for complete specifications.


  • X-Ray fluorescence

  • Process control

  • OEM instrumentation

  • RoHS/WEEE compliance testing

  • Nondestructive analysis with XRF

  • Restricted metals detection

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Medical and nuclear electronics

  • Heavy metals in plastics

  • Lead detectors

  • Toxic dump site monitoring

  • Semiconductor processing

  • Nuclear safeguards verification

  • Plastic & metal separation

  • Coal & mining operations

  • Sulfur in oil and coal detection

  • Smoke stack analysis

  • Plating thickness

  • Oil logging

  • Electro-optical systems

  • Research experiments & teaching

  • Art and archaeology

  • Jewelry analysis

Amptek, Inc.

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