Appendix IV: Mass spectrometry



Volume 29
Issue 5

Appendix IV: Mass spectrometry

Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical Ltd

Product name: QGA Atmospheric Gas Analysis System

Mass spectrometer

New this year: The new Hiden QGA Professional gas/vapor analysis software

Used for: Lab applications

Software: QGA Professional / MASsoft 7 Professional; may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment

Special features: Provides real-time continuous and quantitative analysis of gas mixtures comprising up to 16 species and is now available for operation with all Hiden gas analysis systems.

Suggested applications: High purity gas analysis, fermentation, fuel cells, gas production and storage, environmental monitoring

Primary benefits: Appearance potential mass spectrometry, fast response times – less than 300 ms, acquisition speed up to 500 measurements/s, Hiden QIC (quartz inert capillary) sampling interface samples from 100 mbar to 2 bar

Manufacturer: Markes International Ltd.

Product name: Select-eV

Mass spectrometer

New this year: New variable-energy electron ionization for GC–MS

Special features: No loss in sensitivity for fast and accurate compound identification

Used for: Lab analysis

Unique features: Source can change the energy of ionizing electrons; this allows the production of reference-quality electron ionization mass spectra with conventional full-fragmentation patterns. Energies can be varied anywhere from standard 70 eV down to 10 eV without loss in sensitivity; sometimes signal-to-noise ratios of many compounds are increased at lower energies.

Manufacturer: Microsaic Systems plc

Product name: 4000 MiD

Portable mass spectrometer

Used for: Lab, process, handheld analysis

Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm; weight: 32 kg

Measurement mode: Full scan (m/z 50-800), SIM and simultaneous SIM/fullscan

Software: Masscape, available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Mass detection for use in prep-, analytical-, flash- LC, reaction monitoring, flow chemistry, batch reaction online analysis, process monitoring.

Primary benefits: Deployability, everything fits inside a lab fume hood. You can take the mass spectrometer to the point of need.

Unique features: Smallest footprint single quadrupole MS, uses technology based on MEMS manufacturing, Fits in a standard fume hood, No external roughing pump needed, Integrated PC, remote operation supported, No A/C or sound-proofing required; deployability in a lab.

Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Product name: LCMS-8050

Triple-quadrupole LC–MS-MS system

New this year: Multiple reaction monitoring, 5-ms polarity switching, quantitative and qualitative analysis of multiple components.

Used for: Lab analysis

Primary benefits: 5 ms polarity switching, scan rate of 30,000 u/s, 555 MRM/s, heated ESI probe, high-efficiency CID cell maintains signal intensity

Unique features: Data browser and an automated MRM optimization routine. Application-specific method packages.

Manufacturer: Waters Corporation

Product name: Waters ionKey/MS System

Mass spectrometer

Used for: Lab analysis

Measurement mode: Microfluidic device and source for mass spectrometry.

Software: Available as separate product, 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment

Suggested applications: Bioanalyses, pharmacokinetic studies, food safety and environmental analyses

Primary benefits: Enhanced sensitivity, plug and play nature: the Waters iKey separation device is designed so that all it takes is a few seconds for a scientist to insert it into the source of the mass spectrometer and with the turn of a key, make the fluidic and electric connections and lock it into place.

Unique features: The ionKey/MS System's iKey microfluidic separation device contains the fluidic connections, electronics, ESI interface, column heater, eCord Intelligent Chip technology and the 1.7-μm UPLC-grade particles packed inside a 150-μm i.d. channel. Stores the iKey device's dimensions, chemistry type, serial no., manufacturing and QC history on a unique eCord chip. Waters is offering several 1.7-μm UPLC grade particles for the ionKey/MS system available in 5 cm and 10 cm pathlengths: C18 BEH (Bridged Ethyl Hybrid) 300 Å, CSH (Charged Surface Hybrid), C18 BEH 130 Å

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