Appendix X: UV-vis



Volume 30
Issue 5

Manufacturer: B&W Tek, Inc.
Product name: Exemplar Pro
UV-vis-NIR spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Dimensions: 7.40-in. x 5.05-in. x 2.80-in. (188 mm x 128 mm x 71 mm)
Software name: BWSpec
Software features: Available as separate product
Unique features: A high performance spectrometer utilizing a low stray light, unfolded, long focal length Czerny-Turner spectrograph with a highly sensitive deep cooled (-25 °C), high quantum efficiency, back-thinned (BT) CCD detector for high dynamic range. It also features a built-in shutter allowing for dark scan measurements even while illuminated. It can provide data over the entire 190–1100 nm spectral range.
Suggested applications: Ultra low-light level UV to NIR spectroscopy, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, on-line process monitoring, LCD display measurement, biomedical spectroscopy, gas and water analysis, LED characterization


Manufacturer: CEM
Product name: iFlash
Flash photometer
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications
Unique features: The iFlash is a newly developed flash photometer that allows analysis of Na, K, and Ca, in all types of food products in less than 10 min. This new, simple, and rapid technique for measuring and controlling Na and K in both in-plant process control and food testing laboratories will playan important role in today's food testing environment.
Suggested applications: The iFlash technology is based on a new and unique sample preparation technique that involves an accelerated dry ashing method (4 min). This technique can be universally applied to all types of food samples including dairy, meat, snack foods, and frozen processed foods.


Manufacturer: GratingWorks
Product name: Concavus
Dual beam UV-vis spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications
Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection
Software name: XSPEC
Software features: May be used with other equipment
Unique features: This is a dual beam version of the previous Concavus spectrometer. It has spectral resolution at 0.22 NA, and the same athermal characteristics of less than 0.15 nm wavelength shift over 10–50 °C temperature range. The dual-beam spectrometer compensates lamp intensity fluctuation in real-time to increase the measurement accuracy. The system uses a single concave grating for both beams and exhibits very low stray light. Can be customized for OEM use.
Suggested applications: General absorbance or transmittance measurement. Close the accuracy gap between traditional spectrophotometers and CCD array based spectrometers.


Manufacturer: Hanby PetroAnalysis
Product name: Hydrocarbon ID
UV-vis spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications, handheld, or portable use
Weight: 15 lbs
Dimensions: 24-in. wide 18-in. tall
Measurement mode: Absorbance
Software name: Hanby CRS (Chemical Reaction Spectrophotometry)
Unique features: A new method for fingerprinting hydrocarbons including crude oils; Hanby Chemical Reaction Spectrophotometry (CRS). The new Hydrocarbon ID is a field device that utilizes a chemical reaction and a spectrometer to get a spectral curve or fingerprint of the hydrocarbon for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Suggested applications: Puts a "lab in the field" for the oil industries exploration and production.


Manufacturer: Headwall Photonics, Inc.
Product name: Nano-Hyperspec
Imaging spectrometer
For: Handheld (airborne) use
Weight: < 1.5 lb
Dimensions: 3-in. x 3-in. x 4.7-in.
Measurement mode: Reflectance
Software name: Hyperspec III
Software features: Available as separate product, may be used with other equipment
Unique features: Completely integrated VNIR (400–1000 nm) hyperspectral sensor for small and light UAVs. The all-reflective concentric optical layout (a "pushbroom" type) comprises mirrors and custom diffraction gratings to achieve a robust, compact instrument with no moving parts and excellent temperature insensitivity. Key features include aberration correction, a wide field of view, and high spatial and spectral resolution. Headwall integrates data storage into the sensor, plus allowance for direct-attached GPS.
Suggested applications: Precision agriculture, geology and mining, pipeline infrastructure monitoring, environmental research, forestry, pollution, and disaster monitoring.



Manufacturer: Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS)
Product name: eXact iDip
Smart photometer
For: Laboratory, handheld, or portable use
Available as separate product: Using the eXact iDip app on a smartphone.
The first photometer in the water quality testing market to provide two-way wireless connection (Bluetooth smart) with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android. Uses a real-time mobile sharing of results via email or exported as a CSV file. The built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water locations. Customize the app and download only the tests you need.
Suggested applications: Any water quality testing.


Manufacturer: J&M Analytik AG
Product name: TIDAS S MSP Hyperspec
UV-vis-NIR spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications
Measurement mode: Transmission, reflectance, fluorescence
Unique features: Fast scanning utilizing the coupling of camera systems with spectroscopic detectors, provides the combination of spectral data with spatial information. Adaptability with nearly any model microscope opens a wide field for applications in life and material sciences.
Suggested applications: Material science/nanotechnology, biomedical science, analysis of different cell structures, tumor detection, wound healing, perfusion imaging, detection of multiple fluorescence markers, classification of equal structures, food quality control, recycling materials, quality control (for example, displays)


Manufacturer: J&M Analytik AG
Product name: Clean Monitor Process Technology
UV-vis spectrometer
Auxiliary component: RVP Flowcell (reproducible variable pathlength)
For: Process applications
Software name: TIDASDAQ3
Software features: May be used with other equipment
Unique features: Allows the convenience of in-line UV-vis spectroscopy for rinse monitoring of clean-in-place (CIP) processes with newly developed reproducible variable pathlength (R.V.P.) flowcell. This in-line CIP analyzer provides quick feedback, reduces dead-time, and ensures optimal cycle times, saving costs. High sensitivity and fast response time allow the monitoring of cleaning processes in real time.
Suggested applications: Process monitoring and controlling in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, biotechnology research and production, environmental monitoring - nearly unlimited applications.



Manufacturer: JASCO
Product name: V-700 Series
UV-vis spectrophotometers
For: Laboratory analysis
Measurement mode: Transmission, diffuse and specular reflecttion
Software name: Spectra Manager II
Software features: 21 CFR 11 compliant, cGMP compliant
Unique features: New V-700 Series of UV-vis=NIR spectrophotometers consists of five distinct models, including the new V-780 UV-Vis/NIR with a single monochromator, dual-grating, dual-detector design and an InGaAs NIR detector for enhanced sensitivity in the NIR region.
Suggested applications: Protein/nucleic acid analysis, reaction kinetics, materials analysis, chemical analysis, water analysis, quantitative analysis, fabric/dye analysis, color analysis, DNA/protein melting, polymer haze measurements, SPF measurements


Manufacturer: McPherson
Product name: Deep UV Luminescence Spectrophotometer
Deep UV luminescence spectrophotometer
For: Laboratory analysis
Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection, fluorescence, luminescence, and phosphorescence
Unique features: Enables deep ultraviolet spectrophotometry as well as VUV excitation and broadband emission measurement capability. Complete system with tunable Excitation (120–380 nm) and emission (140–2200 nm) in a turn-key system for optical characterization.
New this year: Now detects emission wavelengths up to 2.2 µm. High efficiency toroidal optics for focused excitation and sensitive detection. Inert gas purged or high-vacuum sample environment with interface to commercial cryogenic and heated sample mounts. Auxiliary ports for electrical excitation, X-ray sources, lasers, and output to diverse and even fiber connected spectrometers.
Suggested applications: Optical characterization (luminescence, transmission, reflection); spectral characterization (coatings, filters, photocathodes); lifetimes/persistence; material science; energy and efficient lighting research


Manufacturer: Ocean Optics, Inc.
Product name: STS Developers Kit
Developer's kit: Connect, code, create with new sensing tools
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications, handheld, or portable use
Weight: 68 g (spectrometer), 190 g (complete kit and cables)
Dimensions: 40 x 42 x 24 mm (spectrometer)
Measurement mode: Absorbance, color, fluorescence, irradiance, reflectance, transmittance
Unique features: Spectral sensing platform - simple tools for integrating spectroscopy into your system, Raspberry Pi microcomputer (Linux-powered, programmable microprocessor), power microspectrometer, (ultra-compact STS spectrometer for UV, vis, and NIR wavelengths), Wi-Fi connection, control spectrometer through phone, tablet or computer web browser.
Suggested applications: A variety of laboratory, process monitoring and environmental applications. Uses include developing handheld devices for light metrology or color measurement, creating cloud-connected measurement clusters, and even mounting instruments on UAVs for remote monitoring.


Manufacturer: PerkinElmer, Inc.
Product name: LAMBDA 265/365/465
UV-vis spectrometers
For: Laboratory analysis
Unique features: A family of benchtop-friendly UV-vis instruments offering a variety of spectral bandwidths with varying other properties: fast, accurate, affordable results, compact, versatile, high-performance PDA
New this year: LAMBDA systems accommodate a wide range of analytical functions related to materials testing, QA/QC, and R&D.
Suggested applications: Lab professionals in environmental, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries can use these instruments for applications including water and soil contamination testing, food color analysis, DNA/protein quantification, and academic teaching and research.


Manufacturer: Quantum Northwest, Inc.
Product name: PAS 1010
Instrumentation and software for pulsed-laser photoacoustics UV-vis spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis
Measurement mode: Pulsed-laser photoacoustics
Software name: T-App, data acquisition and processing programs; sound analysis 3.2 deconvolution and kinetic analysis of photoacoustic waveforms
Unique features: The versatile PAS 1010 provides all of the hardware and software needed to make high quality pulsed-laser photoacoustics measurements, except for the laser.
New this year: The PAS 1010 includes two integrated energy probes and an energy meter, and updated temperature control hardware and software. These additions make the new PAS 1010 a truly turn-key pulsed-laser photoacoustics system, requiring only a user-provided laser and sample for analysis.
Suggested applications: Photophysics of dyes and nanoparticles; visual pigments, channel rhodopsins and photo-switchable proteins; and very rapid solvation changes of ionic species in aqueous solution. Specific photoinduced events that can be measured by the PAS 1010 include bond cleavage, molecular volume changes, solvation changes, electrostriction, and heat deposition.


Manufacturer: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Product name: UV-1280
UV-vis spectrophotometer
For: Laboratory analysis
Unique features: The compact UV-1280 offers wavelength scanning from 190 to 1100 nm. It features seven measurement modes, including photometric, spectral, kinetics, DNA/protein, and high-level multicomponent quantitation, offers USB data transfer, and can be equipped with a wealth of accessories.
Suggested applications: DNA/protein quantitation; thickness measurements for thin films, transmittance measurements for films; quantitation of vitamins, food additives, and minerals; quantitation of total phosphorus and total nitrogen in river water, and lakes and marshes; measurements of plating liquids (hexavalent chromium, aluminum, nickel, and so on)

Manufacturer: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Product name: UV-3600Plus UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer
UV-vis spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis
Software name: UVProbe
Software features: May be used with other equipment.
Unique features: The UV-3600 Plus is equipped with three detectors to ensure high sensitivity across the entire measured wavelength range. High-performance double monochromator to attain stray light level of 0.00005% max at 340 nm with high resolution. The wide wavelength range of 185 to 3300 nm enables measurement across the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared regions. Numerous accessories and operational modules enable a wide variety of measurements.
Suggested applications: Materials science, including photovoltaics, electronics, optical coatings, and textiles; food science; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and life sciences; and chemicals



Manufacturer: Spectral Evolution
Product name: PSR+
Field portable spectroradiometer
For: Laboratory, process, handheld, or portable applications
Weight: 7 lbs (3.17 kg)
Dimensions: 8.5-in. x 11.5-in. x 3.25-in. (21.6 x 29.2 x 8.15 cm)
Measurement modes: Reflectance, absorption, transmission, direct energy (radiance/irradiance)
Software name: DARWin SP Data Acquisition software (included), Optional EZ-ID sample identification software with custom library builder modules
Unique features: Portable lightweight spectroradiometer for single-user operation. Reliable with no moving optics. Full range 350–2500 nm. High resolution: 3 nm @700 nm/8 nm @1500 nm/6 nm @2100 nm. Anodized aluminum unibody chassis and integrated heat dispersion channels for improved cooling. LCD display and on-board 1000 scan storage. Auto-shutter, auto-exposure, auto-dark correction for one-touch operation. Direct attach lenses or fiber mount, optional contact probe, pistol grip, leaf clip, or benchtop probe
Suggested applications: Remote sensing, geological remote sensing, ground truthing of hyperspectral imaging, materials identification and QC/environmental research, vegetation and forest canopy studies, agricultural research, atmospheric/climate research mineral identification and mapping, forage analysis and precision agriculture, microbial diversity research, measuring photosynthesis and other indications of crop health, soil analysis including topsoil fertility and soil salinity, plant species identification, water body studies, irrigation assessment, mine mitigation, total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) assessment, mineral identification, radiance/irradiance measurements.


Manufacturer: Spectral Evolution
Product name: SR-1901PT
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications, handheld, or portable use
Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
Dimensions: 8.5-in. x 11.5-in. x 3.25-in. (21.6 x 28 x 8.9 cm)
Measurement mode: Direct energy - irradiance
Software name: DARWin SP Data Acquisition software (included)
Unique features: Designed for pulsed energy analysis. Spectral range of 280–1900 nm. One 512 element UV-enhanced silicon photodiode array and one 256 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs photodiode array. 1–50 ms integration time, Bluetooth I/O connection, external TTL port, and phototrigger with SMA-905 port, 0–100 ms trigger delay increment, external TTL ≤5 µs trigger jitter, photodetector jitter - ≤100 ns, Spectral match for AM1.5, AM 0, NIST traceable irradiance calibration, 1.2 m dual fiber optic with custom diffuser, built-in phototrigger, 100–240 volt/50–60 hz power supply.
Suggested applications: Pulse solar simulators can be used to test large solar panels at a fraction of the cost of continuous solar simulators. Monitoring, measuring, and classifying a pulse solar simulator is necessary to provide complete and consistent information on cell performance.

Manufacturer: Spectral Evolution
Product name: SR-4500
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications, handheld, or portable use
Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
Dimensions: 8.5-in. x 13-in. x 5-in. (21.6 x 32 x 12.7 cm)
Measurement mode: Direct energy (radiance/irradiance), reflectance, absorption, transmission
Software name: DARWin SP Data Acquisition software (included)
Unique features: Measurement stability across a range of ambient temperatures. Spectral range of 350–2500 nm. 512 element TE cooled silicon photodiode array (350–1000 nm), 256 element TE cooled extended In GaAs array (1000–1900 nm), 256 element TE cooled extended In GaAs array (1900–2500 nm), Diffraction-based optics (no moving parts). One-touch operation. Lightweight, compact and portable-small benchtop footprint
Suggested applications: With the SR-4500, calibration of radiometric systems can be accomplished on-site. For example, calibration transfer for satellite systems, lamps with high operating hours, light sources more than two years old, a mandate for scheduled calibration, or systems that are too large to send out for calibration.


Manufacturer: Spectrum Scientific Inc
Product name: UV-470-151 spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis, process applications
Weight: 1.09 lbs.
Dimensions: 96.5 x 72.5 x 63.5 mm
Measurement mode: Transmission, reflectance, absorbance, color measurement, emission, fluorescence
Software: SDK standard development kit
Unique features: Aberration corrected, concave, holographic UV blazed diffraction grating. SNR 1600:1 with a dynamic range 7200:1 and a stray light of 0.07% @ 340 nm wavelength range 190–850 nm
New this year: This new version of the UV 470 spectrometer is a UV-470-151 which incorporates the Hamamatsu S11151 CCD chip. This new CCD detector allowed the -151 version to obtain much better performance regarding SNR and dynamic range.
Suggested applications: process monitoring , atomic absorbtion, protein and nucleic acid analysis, LED sorting


Manufacturer: StellarNet Inc
Product name: SILVER-Nova
UV-vis spectrometer
For: Laboratory analysis
Measurement mode: Absorbance, transmission, reflectance, radiometery
Software name: SpectraWiz
Software features: Available as separate product, 21 CFR 11 compliant, cGMP compliant
Unique features: The SILVER-Nova is the most well-rounded spectrometer choice in StellarNet's line of spectrometer instruments. The spectrograph uses composite grating technology to deliver high efficiency in both the UV and NIR spectral extremes, ideal for research. The UV enhanced CCD detector with integrated TE cooler, gain enhancements, and optical lens assemblies allow for unparalleled sensitivity.
New this year: Enhanced sensitivity through UV-NIR region with gain and optics optimization. High efficiency detectors.
Suggested applications: General spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, low light radiometry, chemical UV-vis absorbance, LED characterization and color measurements, plasma and spectral analysis, lasers


Manufacturer: tec5usa
Product name: Multichannel Spectrometer System
Integrated UV-vis-NIR spectrometer system and fiber-optic switch used for multichannel applications.
New this year: This multichannel system integrates a fiber-optic multiplexer with the spectrometer module, light sources and all the necessary electronics. It minimizes the distance between the light source and the common arm of the switch. The system can be customized over various ranges from 200–2150 nm.
Recommended applications: Dissolution testing, chemical reaction monitoring.


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