Applied Photophysics



Volume 27
Issue 12

Applied Photophysics

Company Description

Applied Photophysics (APL) has firmly established itself as a global developer and manufacturer of high quality, high performance, modern spectrometers by providing cutting-edge solutions and world-class support for bioscience and biopharmaceutical research both in academia and industry. From research through development to production, our scientific expertise and innovative solutions help life science researchers to understand complex biological systems, allowing them to be at the forefront of discovery.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy

  • Stopped-flow spectroscopy

  • Laser-flash spectroscopy

Markets Served

APL offers precision spectrometers to academic and industrial markets. The Chirascan™ range of CD spectrometers are now the instruments of choice for use in drug development, formulation testing, and quality control. The SX20 and LKS80 spectrometers are established leaders for stopped-flow and laser-flash research, addressing applications in protein structure, folding, and conformation, together with biomolecular reaction kinetics and the study of chemical reaction mechanisms.

Major Products/Services

Chirascan™ and Chirascan™-plus (CD) spectrometers

Outstanding sensitivity, novel detection technology, and powerful software combine to make these CD spectrometers the world's most advanced.

NEW Chirascan™-plus ACD spectrometer

The world's first and only ultra-sensitive, high-speed, automated CD spectrometer. This unique instrument significantly extends the scope and range of CD applications and delivers a minimum 50-fold increase in operator productivity.

SX20 stopped-flow spectrometer

The SX20 is the market-leading stopped-flow reaction analyzer capable of measuring fast reactions with a minimum of material.

LKS80 nanosecond laser-flash photolysis spectrometer

The new LKS80 offers even higher sensitivity than earlier models for studying by direct measurement the reactions of transient species such as radicals, excited states or ions, in chemical and biological systems.

RX2000 rapid-mixing stopped-flow unit

Adds stopped-flow rapid reaction kinetics to any UV–visible spectrometer or fluorometer.

Pro-Data software

All our products use a common software suite giving cross-platform compatibility.


Maximize the capabilities and take full advantage of the potential built into your instrument with a wide range of accessories.

Customer Support

Support is provided for the lifetime of the product and every instrument comes with a warranty of at least 12 months that can be easily extended. A world-class service team is on hand for support and applications advice.


Headquartered close to London, United Kingdom. APL has recently opened offices in China and the United States. See for our worldwide distribution network.

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