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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-12-01-2013, Volume 28, Issue 12

Avantes is a leading innovator in the development and application of miniature spectrometers.

Company Description

Avantes is a leading innovator in the development and application of miniature spectrometers. Avantes continues to develop and introduce new instruments for fiber optic spectroscopy to meet our customer's application needs. Avantes instruments and accessories are also deployed into a variety of OEM applications in a variety of industries in markets throughout the world. With almost 20 years of experience in fiber optic spectroscopy and thousands of instruments in the field, Avantes is eager to help our customers find their Solutions in Spectroscopy®.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • UV–vis/NIR spectroscopy

  • Process control

  • Absorbance/transmittance/reflectance

  • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

  • CIE color spectroscopy

  • Portable spectrometers

  • Fluorescence spectroscopy

  • Custom applications

  • lrradiance

  • Raman spectroscopy

  • OEM application development

Markets Served

Avantes works with customers in a variety of markets, including chemical, biomedical, aerospace, semiconductor, gemological, paper, pharmaceutical, and food processing technology. Additionally, Avantes works with research organizations and universities, aiding in developing research and teaching opportunities. Our OEM program is designed to work with our customers to identify needs and customize an Avantes' spectroscopy solution based on our customer's needs and Avantes technical knowledge and experience. Avantes' continued growth is based upon a commitment to providing exceptional technology and superb customer satisfaction.

Major Products/Services

Low-cost, high-resolution, miniature fiber optic spectrometers: System solutions and OEM instruments for applications from 185 nm to 2500 nm. Detector choices: PDA, CMOS, CCD, back-thinned CCD, and lnGaAs. Optical benches with focal lengths of 45, 50, or 75 mm; revolutionary new ultra-low straylight optimized optical bench (ULS) and a new high sensitivity optical bench. Other features: 14 and 16 bit AID converters, TE cooling, multi-channel instrument configurations enabling simultaneous signal acquisition, USB2 communication, support for multiple instruments from a single computer, and 14 programmable digital I/O ports.

Standard application solutions: lrradiance and LED measurements, gemology, hemometric analysis, thin-film measurement, color, fluorescence, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and process control.

Light sources: Tungsten-halogen, Deuterium, LED, and Xenon calibration sources for wavelength and irradiance.


Avantes engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service headquarters is in the Netherlands. The company also operates direct offices in China, United Kingdom, and North America. In addition, Avantes has a growing worldwide distribution network of more than 35 qualified distributors to meet our customer¹s needs worldwide.

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