SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES analyzer with New DSOI Plasma Interface

Press Release

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The SPECTROGREEN ICP-OES analyzer can provide enhanced sensitivity, freedom from interference, and matrix compatibility. DSOI (Dual Side-On Interface) enables radial-view-based analyzers to deliver previously unachievable levels of performance and ease in a wide variety of applications. An analyzer with DSOI can yield twice the sensitivity of conventional radial systems and match that of vertical-torch dual-view models. In cases such as alkali elements, the difference is even greater. Sensitivities for sodium and potassium are enhanced by up to 5 times.

DSOI uses a high-stability, vertical torch whose plasma is observed via a unique direct-light-path radial-view technology, which deploys two radial optical interfaces. The interface on one side of the plasma captures the amount of emitted light normal for radial observation, transmitting it into the optical system. The concave mirror of a second interface on the other side captures additional emissions. This added light — with all its extra spectral information — is reflected into the optics as well. Light emitted from the plasma in both directions reaches the optical system for analysis, using a single additional reflection.

The SPECTROGREEN provides high-stability and freedom from matrix effects because it blanks out interference-prone sections of the plasma. It furnishes high matrix tolerance and high linear dynamic range making it ideal for trace element analysis of higher-matrix samples. DSOI helps deliver performance at parts per billion (ppb) to parts per million (ppm) elemental concentration levels.

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