Energetiq Technology, Inc.



Volume 27
Issue 12

Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Company Description

Energetiq Technology is a developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-brightness light sources that enable the manufacture and analysis of nano-scale structures and products. Used in complex scientific and engineering applications such as analytical instrumentation and leading edge semiconductor manufacture, Energetiq's light products are based on new technology that features broadband output from 170 nm in the deep UV, through visible and into the near infrared. Energetiq was founded in 2004 by an experienced technology development team with deep understanding of the high power plasma physics needed for high performance light products. This expertise enables Energetiq to provide light sources with the highest levels of brightness, performance, and reliability, as well as long operating life.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • UV–vis spectrometry

  • Hyperspectral imaging

  • Circular dichroism spectroscopy

  • Photoemission electron spectroscopy

Markets Served

Energetiq's light sources are used for analytical spectroscopy, microscopy, and biological imaging in the life-sciences; lithography, metrology, inspection, resist and thin-film processing of semiconductors, displays, and storage devices; and a variety of R&D applications where traditional arc-lamps and synchrotron radiation have commonly been used.

Major Products

UV–vis–NIR, Broadband

  • Ultra-high brightness, long-life, LDLS™ laser-driven light sources:

        •EQ-99 (compact, economical, high brightness)

        •EQ-99FC (compact, high brightness, fiber-coupled output)

        •EQ-99CAL (broadband, high brightness calibration source)

        •EQ-1500 (ultra-high brightness)

        •All models feature lifetimes 10X traditional lamps


Energetiq Technology provides sales and service support through its technical staff in the Woburn, Massachusetts headquarters and through its network of representatives and distributors in the United States, Asia, and Europe, ensuring quick turnaround for customers. In addition, the Massachusetts location has a clean manufacturing facility that provides Class 1000 assembly capability for optics assembly and manufacturing for LDLS products.

Energetiq Technology, Inc.

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