Metrohm USA Launches Handheld Raman Analyzer: Mira


Metrohm USA announces the release of the Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzer (Mira). This new handheld Raman product brings an increased level of confidence to identification, screening and confirmation measurements through a unique blend of optical sampling configurations. Mira integrates seamlessly at all phases of the manufacturing process. Eliminating the need for sample transfer and measurement in a separate laboratory setting, Mira brings the analysis to the sample - offering a substantial productivity increase when compared to lab-based analysis.


Innovative sampling accessories with built-in system intelligence and search techniques make Mira usable by operators with limited spectroscopy experience. When combined with Orbital Raster Scanning (ORS), these sampling improvements provide users with the most repeatable measurements possible.


Mira offers the user the choice of two pathways to Raman analysis, providing pre-assembled industry-specific libraries of compounds, the ability to measure and store user-specific samples for later analysis or a combination of both. An intuitive software package allows assembly of these custom libraries.


Near-infrared (NIR) and Raman are versatile analytical techniques that employ well-established methods for rapid, nondestructive analysis with no or little sample preparation. These techniques accommodate a wide variety of matrices across many industries.  “NIR and Raman products are in good synergy with other Metrohm product offerings and allow us to provide complete solutions to our customers’ analytical challenges,” says Edward Colihan. President and CEO of Metrohm USA.


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Metrohm offers a complete line of analytical laboratory and process systems for titration, ion chromatography, electrochemistry and spectroscopy. From routine moisture analysis to sophisticated quantification, we are ready to help you develop your method and configure the optimum system. Move your analysis from the lab to the production line with our custom process analyzers. At Metrohm we provide systems that find solutions.

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