New on-demand ICP training platform


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IV Ignite is an on-demand ICP training platform.

IV Ignite is an on-demand ICP training platform.

Inorganic Ventures launched the IV Ignite, an on-demand ICP training platform on Tuesday, October 31st, 2023. IV Ignite is a learning space, designed to foster a culture of continuous growth and knowledge exchange among chemists. With IV Ignite, users will have access to the expertise and support needed to enhance their analytical skills, including video courses, podcasts, downloadable resources, live events with instructors, and community forums to engage with other analysts. Along the way, members can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) and certificates to boost their resumes. IV Ignite offers three membership tiers, including: 12-month access, 6-month access, and a 60-day free trial period.

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